report bug form sin 2.1


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    report bug form sin 2.1

    Post by truongdanh on 2011-02-12, 11:34 am

    i found a bug like my char cant auto run back to the location that i saved before. i dont know about other maps, but in kunlun when i click start my char still dont go to the location i saved before, and the system says " unable to summon pet". i have to bring my char out of town and set location again, then it works. one more thing is when u click start to auto if your clicking to your friend icon or npc icon, your location that u saved before will be cancled, and your char will run to npc your click in. For example, if you click to physical npc to buy pots, when you bought your pots and click start, your locaton u saved before will be cancled, your char will run to physical npc. i try to go out of town then click start, but it still go back to physical npc. it means sin automatic set up a new location at physical npc.

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