Bugs Report- Unable to autoroute


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    Bugs Report- Unable to autoroute Empty Bugs Report- Unable to autoroute

    Post by Nickolas1987 on 2011-02-18, 11:49 am

    Hello, Vuduy

    When botting in fuwa map 135 asc, I found that there are 2 bugs:

    1. Unable to auto route even when character is surrouded by mobs, it cause character won't continue to attk and keep get beat by mobs to death.
    2. Sometimes, in 3 mobs spawn, it only able to target and hit 2 out of 3 mobs, the 3rd one, it can't attk.

    To fix these 2 bugs, I just need to move characters around a bit and re-turn on the bots again. But, can't do that if it is a over-night bot.

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