[solved]v2.0.5.0 Routing problem

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    [solved]v2.0.5.0 Routing problem

    Post by Vboy402 on 2010-06-20, 9:14 pm

    Client version: Zx Ph

    Before If you were on one map and you click start, bot will use teleporter to teleport to target map. Now it just walk to destination, through many maps to get to destination.

    It's not a big problem, but is definitely a lost of a good function.
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    Re: [solved]v2.0.5.0 Routing problem

    Post by vuduy on 2010-06-20, 10:28 pm

    This is a known problem. Data for teleporters will be added back later.

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    plzzz fix this

    Post by thebadone on 2010-06-25, 4:23 pm


    i run around in shura
    at the time of fishing my char portals to ss runs the event then starts the walk back

    the only problem i have is that in the basement of the portal room sins cant run up to the top

    and can you make it so that the char always uses the skylord?
    (traveling trough gates makes my system crash)

    the run back to the pet tamer Otto and meditate
    any gm only have to look there on the 15 realms to see what account needs to be checked cant you make it a spot i can point out
    (btw this is the only ninor point i cant find thats build in to sins)

    then the best pad on the back
    vuduy keep up the great work you do

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    Re: [solved]v2.0.5.0 Routing problem

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