UnKnow item remedy

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    UnKnow item remedy Empty UnKnow item remedy

    Post by leodao on 2011-03-27, 7:45 pm

    UnKnow item remedy Bugrdmy

    I deleted it, close the Sin, and then open the Sin. It be the same, Sin can know ID item
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    UnKnow item remedy Empty Re: UnKnow item remedy

    Post by fouryearstrong on 2011-03-27, 9:59 pm

    yes Elliptic Pendant shows up in SINS as an "unknown possible remedy" but it doesn't add it to the list of remedies. this happens to me also. but i don't pay much attention to it.

    Elliptic Pendant is an HP&MP battery that you get as a reward from Fort Cloudstorm.

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