On it goes: SINS incompatible with PW

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    On it goes: SINS incompatible with PW

    Post by Zeomak on 2011-09-04, 8:04 am

    You stated b4 that u do not plan to update this bot for PW of any kind. I see no more reason to restrain myself then.

    Here u have the newest offsets
    depositfiles.com w5uuuwcjs

    here the same in hex:
    depositfiles.com bzn5jz8xo

    and here is the most recent elementclient.exe

    depositfiles.com gje5lkhmw

    And here is my Bug report: SINS still won't work for PW.

    So I decided to take this step. I do not mind if ur banning me for being blunt, but I say what has to be said.

    You started a project which is the best and most advanced bot I've ever seen. (and I bot for quite some time now) But now you have lost interest in it and let the ppl, who are a loyal community to you, wait and wait. You react agressive on comments or are sarcastic. Srry but you brought it upon yourself. I'm saying goodbye to this board now anyway. I'd suggest you sit back for a few minutes and go into yourself and ask yourself if it is worth it. If you come to the conclusion that it is not, then just shut SINS down for good.

    If it is however, get a grip and set straight which games you'll support from this point on. cause things like: "I don't have the Perfect World client anymore and downloading 2GB+ just to update does not sound interesting" indicates that you couldn't care less about ur users.

    And u still have the PW Usergroup aswell. Srry man, was a great time, but I'm not playing ur games anymore.
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    Re: On it goes: SINS incompatible with PW

    Post by bubbles on 2011-09-04, 11:15 am

    lol did he charge u guys for using sins ? its free man
    i would love to see what will happen when theres no sins anymore ... 2faced community
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    Re: On it goes: SINS incompatible with PW

    Post by Ecko on 2011-09-04, 1:19 pm


    Why are you complaining, Its free ever since SINS started 2009-2010-2011...

    Sins wasn't made for PW anyway. Its made for JD ever since SINS came out. He only supported PW and other games because it uses same client as JD.

    Be patient, Reality come first. I bet your a gamer so you don't have anything to do in your life. Vuduy have his own family now, so he's pretty much busy in his life.

    There a alternative way for you not to get bored.

    Find a job, find a girlfriend. Go out there and have fun with your friends.

    Here a my quote of the day for you.
    vuduy wrote:Are you sure that you are playing? Seems like you just want to play SINS.

    Reminder: SINS is not the game people :p

    BTW. SINS 2.1 suppose to be for FW lol :)

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    Re: On it goes: SINS incompatible with PW

    Post by fouryearstrong on 2011-09-04, 1:55 pm

    he didn't even bother to look at vuduy's latest post. LOL

    anyway, enuff flaming. let's just move on.
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    Re: On it goes: SINS incompatible with PW

    Post by illusionv1 on 2011-09-18, 4:41 pm

    O: why so maad still fun without sins just harder to pot 300k hp

    finger exercise

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    Re: On it goes: SINS incompatible with PW

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