God's Trial easy mode!!??


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    God's Trial easy mode!!?? Empty God's Trial easy mode!!??

    Post by michaelhuynh on 2011-04-01, 7:45 pm

    :) i know you guy trying to get code for the sins.. but I can't even run sins.. don't know why.. probably my computer's problem.. so..oh well :Danyway I have a question like to know..:)

    I play my priestess lvl 23.. and auto pick GT with some lvl 40.. and somehow there a trick to it, but I don't know how .. when I ask.. they didn't tell me.. But I wonder anyone would know how to ativate mob on each pillar one after another. What i meant is that, not all the mob on each pillar show up instead, first my group start with the dark pillar, after we finish, 30 second later the light pillar mob show up.. and then later the Wind, Fire, light, the last one is Earth..
    I wonder if anyone know the trick to it!!!

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    God's Trial easy mode!!?? Empty Re: God's Trial easy mode!!??

    Post by facelicker on 2011-04-02, 12:28 am

    It simply means that you've joined an Advanced God's Trial for level 40+ in mentoree mode, when you press T to bring up the instance party menu.. if you select you'll notice that at the bottom of the window there's All Mode, which makes the game automatically join the fastest one it finds i believe or it tries to find by preference a mentor advanced god's trial. As long as there's a 20 levels difference the instance will remain in mentor/mentoree mode, now as a mentoree instead of trying to hit the mobs that are 20 levels higher than you there's 'shards' that will drop from the ceiling for you to collect them using the TAB key.. you will gain extra free exp and it gives you something to do in the meantime while the mentors kill the monsters. There's also a chance that a 'mini-boss' will appear randomly after each pillar destruction and it gives a gem like the 'big-boss'.. i was also finding Adv God's Trial easier at the start but as i level up higher and higher it seems like it's starting to get harder everytime with more traps spawning ect.

    edit: oh i was forgetting about the most important part.. every pillar in advanced GT gives you a buff if you stay next to it, it stacks up to 10.. unless it's the water or light one, those heal and regens mp, and in advanced gt mentor mode the whole party i believe ( i know for sure all the mentors do get it ) gain a 67% bonus crit chance and the mentors also gain a few mentor points for every 5monsters kills, right now the mentor points are only tradable for vigor but i've heard rumours that there's going to be greater rewards being implemented later on.

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