Life in Harbor Monitor?

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    Life in Harbor Monitor? Empty Life in Harbor Monitor?

    Post by Ecko on 2011-03-07, 10:58 am

    Let say this is henry

    How do we suppose to get code for the quest? (After u click Life Harbor)
    All I get is this 31-00-03-00-00-00-0A-00-00

    But when i send it, It doesnt do anything.


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    Life in Harbor Monitor? Empty Re: Life in Harbor Monitor?

    Post by KD5EEJ350 on 2011-03-07, 2:50 pm

    AFAIK that code is.

    "Bring up main NPC box."

    The one that says "see you" or what ever.

    You will get it the 1st time u open a quest giver and after accepting a quest since after you accept it takes you to the NPC's 1st window.

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