PWI Veno Pet respawn


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    PWI Veno Pet respawn Empty PWI Veno Pet respawn

    Post by ehehehehsmile on 2011-02-28, 4:49 pm

    going to create 2 threads for 2 different issues...
    VENO problem
    My veno dies over and over because when she goes back to the spawn point (after she gets killed somehow) the pets don't come out automatically, so she attacks without any pet and usually dies in 3-4 hits, is there a way to prevent this?
    I dont think this can be done with triggers alone..
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    PWI Veno Pet respawn Empty Re: PWI Veno Pet respawn

    Post by vuduy on 2011-02-28, 7:49 pm

    This is a bug, and will be fixed next update.
    Pet recall needs to be reset when the character dies.

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