SINS auto buff buffing rayan clones

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    SINS auto buff buffing rayan clones

    Post by fouryearstrong on 2010-12-30, 12:50 pm

    well here's a little problem me and my friend have. i've set my skysong to buff allies. but whenever a rayan comes in range with a clone summoned, my skysong also buffs the clone. and of course clones can't be buffed so no Toughen status appear on the clone so my skysong would buff the clone until it runs out of pots. same goes for my vim.

    my point here is to add a trigger to identify it if it's a clone or not.

    for now the solution would be not to buff allies but party instead. only disadvantage would be if the ppl don't leave my party then the others can't get in.
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    Re: SINS auto buff buffing rayan clones

    Post by Xerowings on 2011-01-08, 6:58 am

    I think all you can do is tell that ally rayan member of yours to move spot or just go to another realm with your people.
    If that rayan is not an ally member then sure u can make the bot work.

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