ESO skill bug?


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    ESO skill bug?

    Post by Bleyde on 2010-11-23, 4:38 am

    hi! im new to Sins... sorta... i think i've been using it on ESO for about a month.. maybe...
    Anyways, i recently got a new skill called Ode to the Hunted and i hovered my mouse over it as i've done with all my other skills to update the sins data for it so i could add it to my skill list. When i switched to my sins window to add the skill to my bot list, it wasn't there, instead i had 2 skills with the same name : Breath of Nature.

    Note: Ode to the Hunted is a main class skill i.e only has level requirement.

    Breath of Nature is a sub/job class skill i.e u need to complete a quest and choose between 2 sub classes to learn it.

    and lastly, i also noticed that i have 3 of another skill in my Data-Skill tab: Return Home which is a teleport to city skill. this might be just a specifying thing sice i've set that skill to 3 different locations so far, but not sure yet.

    Here is the data list from my Sins Skill tab:

    ESO 1627 0 Arrow Downpour
    ESO 670 0 Aur Tide
    ESO 36 0 Aurmaan Roar
    ESO 204 1 Autumn Harvest
    ESO 15 0 Banewind Gust
    ESO 908 0 Breath of Nature
    ESO 1626 0 Breath of Nature

    ESO 923 0 Canopy Shine
    ESO 97 0 Cirrus Minor
    ESO 924 0 Dragon Squall
    ESO 90 1 Extinguish Soul
    ESO 648 1 Fallen Star
    ESO 6 1 Featherwind Split
    ESO 454 1 Fire Falcon
    ESO 14 1 Gravitas
    ESO 22 0 Hammer of Tushin
    ESO 13 1 Instill Essence
    ESO 46 1 Jaden Glacier
    ESO 860 1 Liger Skitt
    ESO 865 0 Midnight Mist
    ESO 452 0 Mystery of the Abyss
    ESO 1628 1 Prayers of Nature
    ESO 24 0 Presence of the Spirit
    ESO 1168 0 Pyra Drain
    ESO 37 0 Return Home
    ESO 38 0 Return Home
    ESO 69 1 Return Home

    ESO 645 1 Searing Glance
    ESO 23 1 Smell the Flowers
    ESO 746 1 Smog
    ESO 647 1 Solidarity
    ESO 202 1 Spring Cleaning
    ESO 70 1 Sprint
    ESO 203 1 Summer Revelry
    ESO 933 1 Surprise Assault
    ESO 11 1 Tainted Dreamshot
    ESO 10 1 Undan Arrow
    ESO 16 0 Void Bubble
    ESO 861 0 Void Clap

    i've gotten around this by adding 1 of the BON skills to my list then starting the bot to see which one it really is, then adding the second BON skill and then changing the name to Ode to the Hunted to make it work. If i leave them both as BON, then it will cast only the BON skill lol, it needs to be manually changed for it to cast OTH, but it still stays as BON in the data list.

    so far these r the only 2 skills that do this, i'll post any new ones i come across to this thread in future.

    hope this made some sense, thnx :)

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