Pet - Arden summon / Rayan shadow

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    Pet - Arden summon / Rayan shadow

    Post by extremedeath on 2010-11-04, 12:31 pm

    It seems that normal pets fail to attack when ArdenSummon/RayanShadow is active.

    I have set my pet to AutoIdle/AutoDelayAttack, they do just fine when there are no summons/shadows cast by the character.
    But they don't attack when there is one.
    *Pets attack just fine when AutoIdle/AutoDelayAttack are unchecked.

    Just thought to report it cos its kind of annoying especially to those that have Flowen pets (which has SP31 for healing) as they don't cast when they don't attack. worried

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    Re: Pet - Arden summon / Rayan shadow

    Post by uzumymw on 2010-11-28, 11:48 pm

    as on my experience on pets it is better to put your main pet 2nd or 3rd on your pet slot. Because if you put it in 1st slot or 4th the pet that been summon will not attack and will indicate AT PASSIVE mode. and sometimes it will spam CANT SUMMON PET WHILE PET blablabla..

    i use flowen pet always just use (action)mouse left click so that Sincere Prayer only will cast and if theres a time that some terrain make un summon pet when u have active vendor when back to spot it will cast the skill u set

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