Q World another from PW Client

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    Q World another from PW Client

    Post by Ecko on 2010-06-01, 10:49 pm

    Ya The game play is 100% the same as Jade Dynasty. The Graphic is toon. but its better than ESO too much of cartoon Graphic :)

    The game isn't hard as. its exactly the same as Jade Dynasty...

    Compare to the game ESO/JD/ZX/PW.. This 1 doesn't use too much animated effects and graphics :) it really smooth in max-setting on intel based graphic lol. compare to ESO/JD my max setting slow down the FPS.

    I wanted this game Interface Menu/Gui so badly in jade Dynasty :)

    BTW its OLD not new..
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    Re: Q World another from PW Client

    Post by vuduy on 2010-06-01, 11:34 pm

    That's the same as KungFoo coming out from PWE

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    Re: Q World another from PW Client

    Post by mjc88 on 2010-10-02, 12:02 am

    lol it literally looks like a cartoon pwi look at the trailer in the back its everywhere in pwi :P

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    Re: Q World another from PW Client

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