[solved]Bear summon trigger does not detect tiger already summon



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    [solved]Bear summon trigger does not detect tiger already summon

    Post by trutienpro on 2010-04-24, 3:12 am

    I have Bear summon trigger set to:
    Self: has a summoned Arden pet = 0

    Tiger summon trigger set to:
    Self:MP is greater than = 100

    I notice that the bear summon many times fails to detect the tiger already summoned and thus summons the bear even that tiger just has been summoned.

    NOTE: The bull summon with same trigger works very well with tiger but not the bear summon. When starting the bot, sometime the bull summon fails to detect the tiger just has been summoned but it works fine after ward. However, the Bear summon fails to detect tiger many times.
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    Re: [solved]Bear summon trigger does not detect tiger already summon

    Post by vuduy on 2010-04-24, 8:06 am

    The reason you have this problem is because it takes a few seconds for the pet to pop out after casting.

    Eg. You casted the summon tiger, 2-3 seconds later it pops out, but since there's no delay between skill casting (technically the delay is 500 ms), so when it is time for Summon bear, it hasn't seen the tiger popup yet, so it is triggered.

    The solution is add a timer in seconds for your bear summon trigger, to allow enough time for the tiger to pop out.

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