Elite Grinding


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    Elite Grinding

    Post by DieBums on 2011-07-17, 8:04 pm

    Alright! First I'd like to say please excuse any grammatical errors.

    I've been grinding in SOO for a little while now and I've come to experience some nice drops doing these things:

    1) When going back and forth from quest points, don't use warps. Hop on your mount and ride out. This will allow you to harvest mines and plants. This will also give you a chance to find those elite mobs that drop the shards that we look for to acquire all of the gear we need.

    2) When you find those elite mobs, grind in a low traffic area and switch the realms that your in to get more.

    These are simple ways to get better gear which ultimately gets you to a high lvl faster through better efficiency while questing or anything else that you do.

    That is all lol.

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